Meditation Timer

Be free from time as you meditate

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Like being in a group meditation session, the Meditation Timer frees your mind from the preoccupation with time.

Set the timer to how long you'd like to sit (8 possibilities: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 45 or 60 minutes), then press the ON button. Twenty seconds later, three chimes of the gong will accompany the beginning of your meditation, creating an appropriate atmosphere for your practice.

When the time expires, 3 more chimes will sound, preceded by several lighter ones, to slowly and gently remind you of the end of your session, freeing you of the need to watch the clock.

Besides meditators, the timer can also be used by various therapists, for whom the peaceful signals marking the beginning and end of a session would be helpful.


Additional Information

The wooden part of the Meditation Timer pyramid is entirely handmade of solid wood. It is built to the exact proportions of the Kheops pyramid, which Feng Shui specialists consider a source of powerful energy and stability. It measures 5.3 inches (13.5 cm) along its base.

Choice of wood/finish for the Meditation Timer:

  • Polished sycamore :
    The sycamore belongs to the maple family. It is a valued hardwood, homogeneous and of clear, ivory color.
  • Polished cherry :
    This wood comes from the wild cherry tree. It is a strong wood, ranging in color from rosy beige to honey.
  • Varnished sycamore :
    The sycamore belongs to the maple family. The mahogany varnish gives it amber tones.

The sound of the Meditation Timer is that of a Tibetan "singing bowl", which has been digitally recorded for the purest quality. The volume is adjustable (2 settings).

To listen to the sound of the gong
Beginning: End: Tibetan singing bowl

The Meditation Timer runs on 4 AA batteries - not supplied.
Please do not use rechargeable batteries (they might discharge too fast), or saline or lithium batteries.

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Who will benefit from the use of the Meditation Timer?

For meditation practice

From the start of your session, your mind and body are put into a state of relaxation from the pure sound of the "singing bowl," —starting at your ears, then moving throughout your entire body.

All meditators have been distracted by the thought: "How long have I been sitting?", or glanced at the clock or been startled by the kitchen timer buzzing. Acting as guardian of the time, the Meditation Timer frees the individual meditator as well as the time-keeper in group practice.

For a peaceful transition, a few lighter and faster chimes immediately precede the last three louder chimes that signal the end of the programmed meditation period.

For therapists in psychology and relaxation

Some therapists have found the Meditation Timer to be a valuable partner in their practice. The serenity of the vibrating sound helps their patients relax from the very beginning of their session and then peacefully signals its end. Freed of the constraint of watching the clock, they have more clarity and presence in listening.

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