Conditions to become a CREATIME retailer


Are you interested in our products? Would you like to resell them?

On this website you will find all necessary information regarding the CREATIME Gong Timers & Clocks.
To benefit from a Retailer discount, we will ask you to :
- commit to order 6 or more products.
- make an advance payment for your first order.

To help us have a better idea of your activities, please fill in the form below.

After checking your references, we will send you a pro-forma invoice which will inform you of the discount we can offer you as well as the conditions and payment time.

If you are located in the USA, you may contact our representative there:
Jay SUTHERS, Sage Meditation, Madison, WI 53704. E-mail:

For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page.

Information to become a CREATIME retailer
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